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We generate your landing page and provide a framework to integrate your privacy policy, terms of use, release notes and a lot more into your iOS app.

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Generate your
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from your App Store content.

Created and updated automatically.
  • Generated using your iOS App Store presence
  • Automatically updated for new app releases
  • Support for all App Store languages

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Built in Germany with privacy by design. Hosted in the EU. A privacy policy is required not only by Apple, but by many jurisdictions, including the EU (GDPR).

Legal Documents

Placeholders for mandatory legal documents such as privacy policies, imprints and terms of use are provided. Add to the app as needed — it'll be on the web, too.

Live Updates

All content can be updated and edited whenever you wish. Deploy changes to your live app without waiting for an App Store review.


All screens are localizable in all languages you require. The landing page and release notes use the localizations you've already provided to the App Store.

Release Notes

As Apple now requires meaningful release notes, why not also keep your current users in the loop and show the notes directly in your app?

Support Form

One support form for all your users, using one defined channel for your app and landing page. It also automatically collects debug information from the app.

Integrates natively into your iOS App

The SDK includes a settings screen, which links to all documents.
Settings Screen

Links to all other features.
Customizable and extendable.

We host your privacy policy. Change contents in real time.
Legal Requirements

Fulfill requirements with a privacy policy, terms of use and imprint.

Our bot always provides you with a current version of your release notes in more than 20 languages.
Engage your Users

Automatically inform your users
about what's new with each update.

Ask your users for ratings without programming this yourself.
Improve your Rating

Ask for reviews using fine-grained, readily adaptable settings.

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